Whether you are buying your first home, an experienced home mover, looking to re-mortgage or buying for investment, the mortgage process can still be a very daunting prospect. There are many different types of mortgage products including fixed rates, variables, trackers, discounts, capped and so on, knowing which is the best product to suit your needs is not always obvious. I will explain the benefits and pitfalls of each and ensure your mortgage matches your priorities and budget. I will be dealing directly with the lenders so that you do not need to.

First Time Buyer

Deciding to buy a home is one of the biggest steps you can make in your life and for most of us it will be the most expensive thing we will ever buy. It is therefore extremely important to make sure that you fully understand everything that is involved before you take that next step. Mortgage options are vast and can seem a little overwhelming. At PJM, I will talk you though the options, make sure you fully understand the home buying process and give you an idea of what you can potentially borrow and what it will cost you. I strongly advise that this is done before you start looking at property, it will mean that you are then viewing the right properties for your budget.

Home Mover

If you are thinking about moving, then the whole process of buying a new home and seeing your sale through to completion, can be a daunting one. The maze of legal work, negotiations, dealing with solicitors, surveyors and estate agents, finding a good mortgage deal and worrying about your deal falling through, is enough to make anyone’s hair stand on end! At PJM, I will guide you through the process of selling and buying, making sure you fully understand the costs involved with both your sale and future purchase. I will make sure you know what you can potentially borrow, what your best options are and ensure that it is all affordable.


Mortgages are a long term commitments, typically 25 years and more, but you don’t have to stick with the same product for the whole term of the loan. In fact it is often prudent to shop around. Remortgaging is the process of switching what you owe into a new product, usually this would involve changing from your current lender to a different lender altogether. Whether your current deal is coming to an end or you are on a lenders standard variable rate (SVR), why not get in touch to see how much money you could potentially save.

Buy to Let

Whether you are a newbie to Buy to Lets (BTL) or a seasoned investor, one of the most important things when it comes to managing your property or portfolio of properties is to understand how BTL mortgages work. BTL mortgage providers have different requirements when assessing your application. These include the deposit you have available, the rental income that you are likely to achieve and some stipulate a minimum personal earned income requirement. There are a number of specialist BTL lenders who will not deal with the general public direct that PJM have access to. I will look at the products available based on your needs, goals and ensure that you fit lender criteria.


Whether you are looking to buy your first home, move house, re-mortgage or even purchasing an investment property, we will be with you every step of the way.